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Giant Crocodiles 3D

_rh31359On location in Africa
San Diego, CA – 3D Film Factory, in cooperation with Foster Brothers Productions, is set to provide stereoscopic 3D camera systems and stereographers to follow Roger Horrocks into the remote, unexplored jungles of Costa Rica in search of man-eating crocs.

The 3D production team will be on location for a total of 12 days, filming with the 3D Film Factory’s 3D-BS Indie (beam-splitter) and 3D-SS Pro (side-by-side) rigs. The crew will equip the 3D rigs with a pair of Sony Hi-Def EX3 video cameras and use the Davio real-time 3D viewing system. In addition, they’ll employ the use of modified jib arms, 3D underwater housing units, as well as, specialty 3D support gear.

Roger Horrocks, a veteran photo-journalist and World explorer, has heard of a people far away in the jungles of Central America who praise the crocodiles as a sign of good luck. Such locals actively choose to live in close proximity to these ancient predators, as their presence ensures that the waterholes will not dry up during the hot summer months. The down-side -- these same people, are often preyed upon and eaten by the hungry beasts.

Yet there are stories of men “calling” these wild crocodiles and a mythical legend of one native man who has formed a special bond with one such 5 meter animal. Horrocks intends to uncover this unusual relationship between one of earth’s most ancient predators and a unique man, a relationship that seems to defy the boundaries of the natural world.
“I’m excited. Shooting animals in live-action 3D is great fun and this team is great to work with, as long as I’m not the one getting into the water with the crocodiles, I’m happy,” stated the company’s lead stereographer Keith Driver. “In the last few months we’ve shot 3D projects in Africa, Peru, Washington D.C., Mexico City and LA, so we keep growing in our experience and technical knowledge of 3d filmmaking.”

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